Smart Money

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Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney were teamed for the only time in their careers in Smart Money. Robinson has the larger part as a small-town barber who fancies himself a big-time gambler. He travels to the Big City in the company of his younger brother Cagney, who wants to make sure that Robinson isn't fleeced by the high-rollers. Unfortunately Robinson has a weakness for beautiful blondes, most of whom take him for all his money or betray him in some other manner. The cops aren't keen on Robinson's gambling activities, but they can pin nothing on him until he accidentally kills Cagney in a fight. The incident results in a jail term for manslaughter, and a more sober-sided outlook on life for the formerly flamboyant Robinson. Watch closely in the first reel of Smart Money for an unbilled appearance by Boris Karloff as a dope pusher. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Smart Money
1. Credits [:47]
2. Gambling Man [3:55]
3. Marked Money [2:33]
4. Bound for the Big City [3:05]
5. Dicey Proposition [5:26]
6. Safe Enough [2:27]
7. The Game in 346 [6:16]
8. Nick Vs. the Chiselers [5:25]
9. New Backers [5:22]
10. Trimmed By the Barber [6:03]
11. If I Were a Man [4:26]
12. Funds Transfer [2:55]
13. The DA's Target [4:22]
14. Big-Hearted Nick [4:29]
15. Damsel in Distress [2:49]
16. Taking Charge of the Lady [5:25]
17. Wanted By the Police [3:01]
18. Blackmail for Blackmail [3:08]
19. The Raid [2:57]
20. Downfall [3:41]
21. No Blondes Where He's Going [2:40]