Ramin Djawadi

Iron Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Driving with the Top Down 3:10
  2. Iron Man, song (as used in the film Iron Man) [Version] 1:05
  3. Merchant of Death 2:14
  4. Trinkets to Kill a Prince 3:07
  5. Mark 1 3:53
  6. Fireman 2:09
  7. Vacation's Over 3:34
  8. Golden Egg 4:12
  9. Damn Did, song (as used in the film Iron Man) 1:12
  10. Mark 2 2:47
  11. Extra Day, Extra Olives 1:43
  12. Iron Man 3:30
  13. Gulmira 4:05
  14. Are Those Bullet Holes? 2:00
  15. Section 16 2:33
  16. Iron Monger 4:45
  17. Arc Reaktor 3:55
  18. Institutionalized, song (as used in the film Iron Man) 3:49
  19. Iron Man, song (as used in the film Iron Man) :20


Composer Ramin Djawadi (Mr. Brooks, Open Season, Deception) imbues director Jon Favreau's adaptation of Marvel Comics' Iron Man with enough bombast to fuel two sequels. Djawadi, who has scored his fair share of action-packed television shows like Prison Break and Blade: The Series," treats the superhero with a predictably heavy hand, resulting in a soundtrack that takes the slow-build menace of Hans Zimmer James Newton Howard's work on Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise and dials an industrial army that utilizes crushing percussion, huge strings, and a symphony of distorted guitars that echo Metallica's concerts with the San Francisco Symphony (SM) minus the vocals. John O'Brien and Rick Boston, as well as Jack Urbont give the old goofy "Iron Man" theme a tech-heavy update, while California punk metal legends Suicidal Tendencies offer up their classic anti-anthem "Institutionalized." ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi