Jeep Thrills

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Off-road enthusiasts can get some Jeep Thrills in Destination Software's tribute to jeeps and Jeep culture. The game lets players race in 18 different jeeps, from the original WWII style know as the Willys MB, to more pavement-oriented jeeps like the Wrangler and the Compass, to sportier concept vehicles. Two players can race head-to-head on more than 30 different courses, including mountainous jungle rally races, and high-intensity, low-temperature sprints through the Arctic.

Game Controls



D-Pad = highlight item
2 Button = confirm selection
1 Button = go back to previous screen


Turn Wii Wheel or Wii Remote Left or Right = steering
2 Button = accelerate
1 Button = brake
D-Pad = boost
A Button = reset vehicle onto track
+ or - Button = open or close pause menu