Breathing Room

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Awakening naked in a barren white room with thirteen strangers, a woman discovers that she is the last contestant in deadly game of survival. Each of the fourteen strangers has been outfitted with lethal electronic collars that can be activated at a moment's notice. In order to escape and discover the reason for their abduction, they must draw on hints and tools from a mysterious box labeled "pieces." As each player is systematically eliminated, a new clue appears. The latest clue has revealed that one of the contestants is a murderer, but who is it, and are they willing to kill again if it means saving their own life? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Breathing Room
1. Main Title [:38]
2. Player Fourteen [5:51]
3. Crossing the Line [9:38]
4. A Voice From Above [5:14]
5. The Game of a Lifetime [8:53]
6. Finding a Connection [3:04]
7. Sacrifice [7:22]
8. A Look In the Mirror [2:54]
9. Raising the Stakes [6:17]
10. "Lights Out, Children" [6:27]
11. Unlocking a Clue [6:01]
12. Kill or Be Killed [2:11]
13. A New Surprise [9:10]
14. Executing a Plan [3:58]
15. Game Over [9:31]
16. End Credits [2:30]