Simian Mobile Disco


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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. The Firebird - Infernal Dance of King Kastechi [Clean Version] :13
  2. The Don 2:51
  3. Simple 4:30
  4. Blind [Serge Santiago Version] 6:26
  5. Space Warrior 2:41
  6. Joystick 3:47
  7. Chasm 5:14
  8. Up Tool 1:38
  9. Miura 3:32
  10. Crack EL 2:31
  11. Suite Equestria 2:45
  12. Huncut Hacuka 3:31
  13. Aemono 2:44
  14. The Reward Is Cheese 3:31
  15. Sleep Deprivation [Simon Baker Remix] 4:58
  16. The Chomper [LSD Version] 3:27
  17. Cindy Electronium 2:13
  18. Erotic Discourse 2:27
  19. Pitch Control 1:13
  20. Spastik 1:58
  21. Flash 5:58
  22. Nite Flights [Album Version] 3:57


Simian Mobile Disco are one of the few dance groups with little high-level DJing experience, which marks their edition in the Fabric series as one that comes with a few question marks. Would they have anything to say, or any new tracks to foist upon listeners always eager for the next high? Would they play it safe and loft a few of their influences from the days of acid house? Would they even play dance music? (Well, no Fabric mix has been completely dance-free -- especially not a live edition -- so there's little to worry about there.) Fabriclive.41 does display a few of Simian's roots, it does shoehorn a few surprises, and it airs more than a few up-to-the-minute tracks from labels aboveground as well as underground. Much like their debut LP, Fabriclive.41 is paced perfectly, picking up and winding down several times, like a good dance set should. The first peak comes with Discodeine's excellent "Joystick," and after a few minutes of wind down, Metro Area's past classic "Miura" picks things up again. Highlights of the second half include the tongue-in-cheek acid of Deadmau5's "The Reward Is Cheese." ~ John Bush, Rovi

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