What Happens in Vegas [Extended Jackpot Special Edition] [Widescreen] [2 Discs]

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Two strangers (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) find themselves hitched after a wild night of Las Vegas shenanigans in this @20th Century Fox comedy. Jack Fuller (Kutcher) is a single Manhattanite who can never quite commit to a permanent, long-term relationship and repeatedly hears from his lovers that he "isn't serious boyfriend material." Employed by his father (Treat Williams) at a local furniture business, Jack spends his workdays goofing off by watching sporting events behind dad's back. Joy McNally (Diaz) is faring slightly better; a young, polished urbanite, she juggles a demanding job as a trader on the NYSE with a marital engagement to the impressive Mason (Jason Sudeikis), but has modified her entire life and all of her interests to please her intended. Coincident with Mr. Fuller's decision to fire his son, Mason severs his engagement to Joy; as a result, both Jack and Joy hit the skids at around the same time and decide to cut their losses by heading out to Vegas. The two accidentally bump into one another when a computer mix-up at the hotel puts them in adjoining rooms; though they begin their acquaintanceship by bickering endlessly, they end up spending a long, drunken night on the town together, and when the sun rises and Joy comes to, she discovers that she unwittingly married Jack in the middle of the night. Alas, just when the two are about to call it quits by filing for divorce after the shortest marriage in history, Jack tosses a coin into a Vegas slot machine and hits a three-million-dollar jackpot -- which naturally pits the newlyweds against one another in an attempt to claim the full share of the money. A conservative local judge, R.D. Whopper (Dennis Miller), then adds the final twist by refusing to grant a divorce until Joy and Jack have given married life a fair shake. In time, the marrieds may just discover that this union isn't as far off the mark as they initially thought. Dennis Farina, Queen Latifah, and Zach Galifianakis round out the supporting cast. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- What Happens in Vegas
1. Main Titles/ Opposites [:23]
2. Life of the Party [:12]
3. Big Surprise [2:39]
4. "Vegas!" [2:14]
5. Reservation Glitch [1:57]
6. Watch and Learn [2:11]
7. What Happens In Vegas [:49]
8. Disaster Averted [1:08]
9. What's Yours Is Ours [1:37]
10. Six Month Sentence [4:29]
11. Day One [2:25]
12. Bathroom Blues [2:51]
13. Counseling Session [1:31]
14. Plan B [3:51]
15. Happy Couple [1:40]
16. Subterfuge [1:48]
17. The In-Laws [3:06]
18. Family Picnic [4:29]
19. Company Retreat [:31]
20. First Dance [8:42]
21. A Great Day [1:12]
22. Final Decree [1:51]
23. Jackpot [4:37]
24. Six Months Earlier/ End Titles [2:49]