Dog Tags

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A man attempting to outrun his past and a Marine desperate to locate his long-lost father form an intense bond in director Damion Dietz's taboo-shattering coming of age drama. Andy Forte was drifting through the desert when he fatefully crossed paths with Nate Merritt. Merritt, too, was haunted by the past, and attempting to answer some lingering questions by tracking down the father he never knew. As their bond strengthens and Andy learns that the only path to peace is accepting the consequences of his reckless youth, he also helps Nate walk the precarious path of self-discovery. Later, when Nate discovers his father's true identity, the comfort of knowing helps him to embrace his own power and take control of his own fate. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Dog Tags
1. Alone Time [7:17]
2. I'm Scared [7:39]
3. Someone Special [7:22]
4. A Long Story [7:43]
5. Infinity [7:02]
6. How Resilient You Are [6:54]
7. I'm a Little Confused [8:07]
8. Same Old Thing [8:44]
9. Excellent Question [5:30]
10. Our Mission [7:35]
11. My Calling [9:03]
12. Clean Slate [6:48]