Stitch in Time

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Diminutive pratfall comic Norman Wisdom, Britain's latter-day version of Charlie Chaplin, brought his trademark physical slapstick to this comedy. Wisdom plays Norman Pitkin, a simple butcher's assistant who accompanies his boss, Mr. Grimsdale (Edward Chapman) to the hospital after Grimsdale accidentally swallows a watch. There, it is determined that the watch will have to be removed surgically, but the clumsy Norman causes such a ruckus that he is ejected from the facility and banned from returning by the administrator, Sir Hector (Jerry Desmonde). Before he leaves, however, Norman manages to bring a smile to the face of Lindy (Lucy Appleby), a sad little girl who has been orphaned by a plane crash. Norman promised Lindy he would return, and his efforts to get back through the hospital doors by any means available (including making himself sick, getting hit by a car, and appearing on a charity television broadcast he knows the girl is watching) meet with an equal lack of success. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Stitch in Time
1. Robbery [7:53]
2. Ambulance [6:42]
3. Delivery [6:50]
4. Training [11:32]
5. Banned [10:05]
6. St. John [5:35]
7. Gone [6:13]
8. Nurse [8:44]
9. Getting In [7:41]
10. Last Idea [2:58]
11. Sunshine Ball [5:37]
12. Band [10:24]
1. I'd Like to Put On Record (That I Love You, Love You, Love You) [2:07]
2. London Melody [2:37]
3. Once in Love With Amy [3:06]
4. Beware [3:02]
5. Don't Laugh At Me [3:30]
6. Narcissus (The Laughing Song) [2:58]
7. The Heart of a Clown [3:09]
8. My Little Dog (Where's He Gone) [4:03]
9. Young At Heart [2:45]
10. Just to Be With You [2:51]
11. They Didn't Believe Me [2:51]
12. You Were Meant for Me [2:15]
13. So Nice to Dream [2:57]
14. Please Opportunity [3:46]
15. Take a Step in the Right Direction [2:04]
16. I'll Always Love You [2:21]
17. Boy Meets Girl [2:46]
18. Impossible [2:17]
19. Two Rivers [2:52]
20. I Don't Arf Love You [2:33]