Hey There, It's Yogi Bear

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Daws Butler provides the voice once again for the wacky titular bear. Between bouts of wit with Ranger Smith, Yogi juggles a little romance with Cindy Bear. Because of her fondness for Yogi, Cindy finds herself the victim of an evil circus impresario. He has her performing dangerous feats on a high wire while his demented pooch looks on with mad laughter. It is up to Yogi and his sidekick Boo Boo to save her. ~ Kristie Hassen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
1. Credits [1:38]
2. It's Spring Again! [3:45]
3. Like I Like You [4:12]
4. Up to No Good [6:14]
5. The Zoo For You [4:27]
6. Where Has Yogi Gone? [1:43]
7. The Brown Phantom! [4:44]
8. St. Louie [8:27]
9. Yogi to the Rescue [5:06]
10. Travelin' Bears [6:15]
11. High-Wire Cindy [2:08]
12. Ashcan Parade [4:27]
13. A Clow For Love [5:55]
14. The Great Escape [3:59]
15. Wet Your Whistle [3:41]
16. Barn-Dancin' Bear [2:32]
17. Ven-e, Ven-o, Ven-a [4:33]
18. Big City Stars [11:56]
19. No Place Like Home [1:52]
20. End Credits [1:23]