Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09: All-Play

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Tiger Woods' third game on Wii is the first to be developed by EA Tiburon, lead designers of the franchise on competing platforms. A revamped swing system now features a 1:1 relationship between your off-screen movements and your onscreen counterpart. Pull back on the Wii Remote, for example, and your golfer will begin his backswing at the same time. Draw and fade are accomplished by holding the remote at an inward or outward angle while swinging. As with previous titles in the "All-Play" series, controls can be simplified to the point where novices only have focus on making contact. PGA Tour 09 on Wii includes many key features from the more advanced console versions, from the club shaping option to Tiger's personal coach, Hank Haney, who will offer advice to improve your game. Exclusive to the Wii version is the ability to jump straight to the FedEx Cup without first having to qualify. Another exclusive is the "Party Game" option that has you competing against friends in challenges like juggling a ball or racing golf carts. PGA Tour 09 on Wii also introduces online support for up to four players. Rather than alternate turns, everyone competes simultaneously for a faster-paced outing.

Game Controls



- Button = go back to previous menu (while in a menu)
+ Button = advance menus (while in a menu)


1 Button = select shot type
Point Wii Remote to the Club Hud On-Screen and Toggle to Desired Club or B Button (Hold) + D-Pad Up or Down = switch clubs
Point Wii Remote + B Button + Drag Aiming Circle or D-Pad Up, Down, Left or Right = adjust aiming circle
Point Wii Remote + B Button + Drag Lie Indicator or B Button (Hold) + D-Pad Left or Right = adjust loft
2 Button = reset aim
A Button = zoom to target
A Button (Tap Twice) = zoom directly to target
Point Wii Remote + A Button or - Button = practice swing
Point Wii Remote Down + Button + Move Wii Remote Back + Move Wii Remote Forward = enage swing
+ Button = pause menu


1 Button = replay shot (after swing is completed)
2 Button = mulligan (if enabled)
A Button (Hold) = fast-forward to end of shot


D-Pad Up Down, Left or Right = adjust aim
Point Wii Remote + A Button or - Button = putt preview
Point Wii Remote Down + B Button (Hold) + Move Wii Remote Back + Move Wii Remote Forward = engage putt