Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

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International superstar Tiger Woods tees off for his third golf outing on PlayStation 3 with several new features. While the core play mechanics are identical to last year's game, which continued the analog-based swing meter first introduced in 1998, more options are now available to customize the experience. The biggest change is the inclusion of a personal golf coach to help improve your long and short game. Tiger's coach Hank Haney will serve as your mentor, assessing your swing and offering tips on equipment to maximize your abilities. Clubs can now be tuned to take advantage of a course's width, doglegs, and length. You can freely adjust power (at the expense of accuracy), accuracy (at the expense of power), or "workability" to improve draw and fade. Five new courses include Gary Player Country Club, Sheshan Golf & Country Club, Wolf Creek Golf Club, Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge, and Wentworth Golf Club. A dynamic attribute system automatically adjusts skill ratings based on how well you play on each course. If ratings fall too far below acceptable levels, call on Hank Haney to provide specific drills so you remain competitive.

Game Controls



L2 or R2 Button = switch clubs
D-Pad = adjust target circle
Circle Buttob + D-Pad = adjust target circle while zoomed to target
Triangle Button = reset target circle
Circle Button + L1 or R1 Button = add draw or fade to your shot
Square Button = change shot type
Circle Button = zoom to target
Circle Button + Left Analog Stick = tilt camera up and down while zoomed to target
Circle Button + Right Analog Stick = zoom and rotate camera while zoomed to target
R1 Button = change camera angle
Select Button = hole details
L1 Button or X Button (Tap Rapidly) = add power (during backswing)
Select Button + X Button = coach tips
Select Button + Square Button = flyby (over the hole)
Start Button = pause menu


Left Analog Stick = shot stick
Right Analog Stick = loft stick
R3 Button = change to the 3-click swing (available in easy play and balanced difficulty only)


Triangle Button (Hold) = fast forward shot
L1 or X Button (Tap Repeatedly) + Left Analog Stick (Hold) = add spin


Square Button = watch a replay (after completion of shot)
Circle Button = mulligan (if on)


L1 Button = putt preview
L2 or R2 Button = change putter (short-distance/long distance)
Circle Button (Hold) = zoom to target circle
Triangle Button = reset target circle
Square Button = change shot type
R1 Button = change camera angle



Left Analog Stick Down = start backswing
Left Analog Stick Up = downswing


Right Analog Stick Down = add backspin
Right Analog Stick Up = add topspin