Petz Rescue: Wildlife Vet

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Gamers travel around the world healing exotic and endangered animals in this veterinary extension of Ubisoft's Petz franchise. Petz Rescue: Wildlife Vet puts gamers in the scrubs of a young vet looking to cure the illness plaguing local animals by venturing on 30 missions around the globe. There are 22 different animal species in the game, and players must use the Wii Remote to perform realistic actions such as bottle feeding a baby tiger, diagnosing a sick elephant, and treating an injured turtle. Petz Rescue: Wildlife Vet also features a number of treatment-themed mini-games that let two players go head-to-head.

Game Controls


B Button = go back in menus, call back baby tiger
Pointer = select options in menus
D-Pad = selecy play objects
A Button = confirm
+ Button = stop game, show pause menu
Control Stick = move through g.r.o. environments
C Button = activate beeper, activate magnifying glass
Z Button = center camera, show tools