De Blob

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The vile I.N.K.T. Corporation may have depleted Chroma City's color and vitality, but you're going to change it back, one shade at a time. THQ's De Blob has you controlling an amorphous creature that leaves behind splashes of color wherever it travels. Swinging the Wii Remote allows de Blob to transform a dreary, monochromatic world filled with buildings, landmarks, and alien citizens to a vibrant hotspot. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game offers four-player competitive battles via split-screen display.

Game Controls


A Button = confirm
- Button = back, cancel


Nunchuk = roll, steering in air
B Button = brake, land
Swing Wii Remote Down Sharply = jump, attack target
A Button = compass
Z Button = target object
Z Button (Release and Re-Press) = change targets
Shake Wii Remote + Shake Nunchuk = transform landmark
C Button = center camera
D-Pad Left or Right = rotate camera
D-Pad Down = blob's eye view
Wii Remote Pointer = look around in blob's view
B Button or D-Pad Down = shield (blob party only)