Deal or No Deal

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Games include game, cover art, and case. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required.

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Debuting on television in 2005 as a special event, Deal or No Deal drew millions of people to NBC to watch others compete for the million dollar prize. Now, up to four people can use their "Miis" and join the action with the Wii version of the hit game show. The game features the voice and likeness of +Howie Mandel, as well as beautiful models and the mysterious banker. Instead of cash prizes, winners get a briefcase with chores for the loser, such as "make my bed" and "wash the car." Deal or No Deal includes a handful of mini-games designed to round out the experience.

Game Controls


Wii Remote = select in-game options
A Button = item select, menu selection, case selection, skip cutscene
Home Button = display home menu
+ Button = pause game
B Button = display dollar board