Skate City Heroes

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Players can ollie over hover cars, grind the edges of skyscrapers, and kickflip through a futuristic metropolis in Skate City Heroes. Players select from six uniquely skilled characters, and then race through a variety of locations on the hunt for a friend who has been kidnapped by their arch-nemesis Virus. Up to four people can compete in a variety of different modes, and Skate City Heroes is fully compatible with the Wii Balance Board.

Game Controls



Control Stick Up = accelerate
Control Stick Down = decelerate
Control Stick Left or Right = steer (control set 1 & 2)
Lean Left or Right on Wii Balance Board = steer (control set 3)
D-Pad = fast brake


A Button (Hold Then Release) = ollie
Control Stick Up + A Button = nollie


Tilt Wii Remote + Tilt Wii Remote Forward or Backward = manual (control set 1 & 2)
Lean Forward on Balance Board + Tilt Wii Remore Forward or Backward = manual (control set 3)
B Button = prevent bailing
B Button (Hold) = wall ride (must be close to wall)
Control Stick Down + A Button = wall plant (control set 1 & 2)
Lean Back on Wii Balance Board + A Button = wall plant (control set 3)
B Button (Hold) + Control Stick Up (Hold) = foot plant
D-Pad Down = acid drop (while in air above a pipe)