Devil's Playground

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Fred Schepsi wrote and directed this tense melodrama which takes place at a Roman Catholic boarding school. The film deals with the charged emotional tensions of a group of pubescent boys, who find their sexual urges stifled by the school's oppressive atmosphere. Depicting the chaste lifestyle of the religious functionaries, the burgeoning sexual desires of the young men are bottled up until they are ready to explode. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Devil's Playground
2. The Playground [3:11]
3. Chosen Few [3:46]
4. Bed Wetting [5:37]
5. Changes [9:11]
6. Purification [3:29]
7. The Rules [7:26]
8. Day Trip [4:16]
9. Temptation [9:05]
10. Daily Routine [:44]
11. Opposite Sex [3:42]
12. The Retreat [10:10]
13. Corruption [14:54]
14. Last Letter [4:36]
15. Secrets Exposed [4:33]
16. The Body [6:03]
17. Escape [5:06]