Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine

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Competitive cooking comes home with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, a collection of action-oriented culinary puzzles based on the Food Network television series. As in the show, players compete to create the most appetizing meal possible in the time limit given, with each course featuring a key "Secret Ingredient" which is not revealed until just before the countdown begins. Cooking tasks in the game are performed with motion controls, similar to the mechanics first served up in the Cooking Mama games. Players progress to a series of challenges before facing a final showdown. Supreme Cuisisne is hosted by a virtual +Mark Dacascos, and features other celebrity chef opponents and picky judges. The game is developed by Black Lantern Studios, known for previous work with licensed properties such as Betty Boop's Double Shift, Balls of Fury, and John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland.