Kanye West

808s & Heartbreak

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Say You Will 6:17
  2. Welcome to Heartbreak 4:23
  3. Heartless 3:31
  4. Amazing 3:58
  5. Love Lockdown 4:30
  6. Paranoid 4:37
  7. Robocop 4:34
  8. Street Lights 3:09
  9. Bad News 3:58
  10. See You in My Nightmares 4:18
  11. Coldest Winter 2:45
  12. [Untitled] [Live] 8:33
  13. [CD-Rom Track]


Remember when Kanye West threatened to make an album where he would bear his heartbroken soul, align with T-Pain, sing on every song with the then inescapable Auto-Tune effect, and lean on the Roland TR-808 drum machine? It could have been a wreck, a case of an artist working through paralyzing heartache while loose in a toy store. Except West wasn't joking. In various spots across 808s Heartbreak, the constant flutter of West's processed voice is enlivened by the disarming manner in which despair and dejection are conveyed. Several tracks have almost as much in common with irrefutably bleak post-punk albums as contemporary rap and RB. For anyone sifting through a broken relationship and self-letdown, this could all be therapeutic. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi