Roogoo Attack!

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Roogoo Attack is the Nintendo DS edition of SpiderMonk Entertainment's shape-matching puzzle game. In Roogoo, players manipulate discs with holes of different shapes, reminiscent of a toddler's toy, in order to allow objects of different shapes to fall through. The action moves from disc to disc, each of which must be turned to line up the correct hole for the dropping object -- a circle, square, triangle, star, heart, or object of another shape that falls from above. The DS game features more than 100 puzzles set in ten themed environments. Puzzles become more sophisticated as players progress. Single- and multi-card multiplayer option are available over a local wireless connection, with a selection of competitive game modes. When Roogoo Attack is connected to the concurrently released Wii version of the game, Roogoo: Twisted Towers, additional levels are unlocked for play in both games.

Game Controls



Start Button = pause game menu
D-Pad Left or L Button = rotate selected platform counter-clockwise
D-Pad Right or R Button = rotate selected platform clockwise
A Button = speed up shape
B Button = swap shape stack's top and bottom colors
X Button = launch attack (multiplayer only)


Start Button = pause game menu
Touch Screen = control skyroo's position around the attack circle
D-Pad Up or Down or A Button = fire electric shape to destroy enemies
L Button = rotate skyroo counter clock-wise around the attack circle
R Button = rotate skyroo clock-wise around the attack circle