Killzone 2

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In Killzone 2, the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance takes the fight to the bad guys -- all the way to their home planet. The game's single-player campaign puts PS3 gamers in the role of Sgt. Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko, who is sent behind enemy lines to secure the former colony's capital city, Pyrrhus. After the victories won in the earlier Killzone games, the ISA thought it had all but destroyed the Helghast faction. The ISA was wrong about that. Players do squad-based battle through the ruins of Helghan cities, where the toxic atmosphere hides deadly threats and even the weather seems to obey the commands of the native enemy. Killzone 2 aims to present a cinematic experience, blending larger-than-life Hollywood-style sequences with free-form, player-controlled action. Narrative scenes and gameplay are viewed from Sev's perspective. The game's soundtrack is an original score by the :Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. In multiplayer games, supported though PlayStation Network, up to 8 players per team can do battle in matches for as many as 32 total. Each player chooses 2 of 16 available specialty badges, to match a role on the battle field, such as medic, scout, or infantry.

Game Controls



D-Pad Up or Down = navigate menu, highlight menu item
D-Pad Left or Right = adjust menu item
X Button = select highlighted menu item
Circle Button = previous screen, return to main menu


Left Analog Stick = move character
X Button = jump
Circle Button = interact, revive fallen comrade
L2 Button = crouch
L3 Button = sprint


Right Analog Stick = aim weapon, look
R2 Button = use grenade
Square Button = reload
Square Button (Hold) = weapon pick-up
Triangle Button = toggle weapons
R1 Button = primary fire
R3 Button = toggle zoom
D-Pad Up = display objective marker
D-Pad Down = grenade select
D-Pad Right = combat knife select
D-Pad Left = lightning grenade select
Select Button = objectives menu
Start Button = pause game, open start menu