New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

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Serving much the same purpose as the Virtual Console, only for games too large to fit on the Wii's internal memory, Nintendo's New Play Control series lets gamers use the motion-sensitive Wii Remote to enjoy classic GameCube titles. Taking cues from the ultra-popular tennis portion of Wii Sports, the updated version of Mario Power Tennis lets players physically serve, spike, and volley with their favorite characters from the Mario universe.

Game Controls


D-Pad = scroll through menus
A Button = choose item, hit power shot (manual mode)
A Button + Swing Wii Remote = hit offensive power shot
- or + Button = perform lunge (manual mode)
- or + Button + Swing Wii Remote = dive for the ball
2 Button = switch camera
B Button = cancel selection, hit power shot (manual mode)
B Button + Swing Wii Remote = hit defensive power shot
Home Button = display home menu
1 Button = display pause menu
Control Stick = scroll through menus, move, controls