Guitar Hero: Metallica

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Just as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was something of a glorified expansion of Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero: Metallica serves as an extension of Activision's band-focused hit Guitar Hero: World Tour, offering gamers a feel for life in and around one of heavy metal's most popular and influential bands. The game features a total of 49 songs, including 28 original :Metallica tracks, such as &"Seek and Destroy," &"Fade to Black," &"Master of Puppets," and &"One," and 21 band-selected songs from such acts as :Bob Seger, :Judas Priest, :Queen, and :Thin Lizzy. In general, the game's difficulty level was designed to be on par with that of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, however, the hard-hitting nature of some of :Metallica's tracks led to the creation of an extremely difficult "Expert+" mode that can incorporate a second drum pedal. Though band members :James Hetfield, :Lars Ulrich, :Kirk Hammett, and :Robert Trujillo participated in motion-capture sessions to help create lifelike in-game avatars, the story actually finds players in the shoes of a band serving as :Metallica's opening act. This narrative mechanic sends gamers to such real-world music venues as the Stone nightclub in San Francisco, the Forum in Los Angeles, the Hammersmith Odeon in London, and the Tushino Airfield in Russia. As always, players must earn high scores and unlock new songs by rhythmically matching onscreen prompts that correspond with musical notes. The music creation aspect of World Tour returns in Guitar Hero: Metallica, with new musical tones based on :Hetfield's guitar and a new "Drum Over" mode that lets gamers play improvised drum tracks over any song, while the multiplayer "Battle Mode" comes equipped with new :Metallica-themed power-ups such as &"Fade to Black," &"Ride the Lightning," and &"Trapped Under Ice."

Game Controls



A Button = confirm, activate vocal star power
B Button = back, activate vocal star power
1 Button = rotate character view
2 Button = zoom character view
+ Button = pause


+ Button = confirm, pause
- Button or Tilt Guitar Up = activate star power or battle attacks
Strum Bar = naviagate the menus
Green Fret Button = activate green note, confirm
Red Fret Button = activate red note, cancel
Yellow Fret Button = activate yellow note
Blue Fret Button = activate blue note
Orange Fret Button = activate orange note
Strum Bar Up or Down = activate fret button, navigate in menus
Whammy Bar = add own style to each song
Slider Bar (Tap or Move Up and Down) = simulate strumming, add own personal style to the music


+ Button = confirm, pause
- Button = cancel
Analog Stick = navigates the menus
Green Drum Pad = activates the green note, confirm
Red Drum Pad = activates the red note, cancel
Blue Drum Pad = activates the blue note
Yellow Cymbal Pad = activates the yellow note
Orange Cymbal Pad = activates the orange note
Kick Pedal = activates the bass drum note
Yellow Cymbal Pad + Orange Cymbal Pad = activate star power


Microphone Top (Tap) or A or B Buttonb = activate star power