Monsters vs. Aliens

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Developed to coincide with the release of the DreamWorks Animation feature film of the same name, Monsters vs. Aliens lets gamers take control of five monstrous protagonists as they battle aliens through more than a dozen different levels. Players can scale walls and bash enemies with The Missing Link, a macho half-ape, half-fish creature; swallow enemies and seep through cracks as B.O.B., the sticky blob of gelatinous goo; lift heavy objects and use cars as rollerskates as Ginormica, the 49-foot-11-inch woman; and shoot silk or unleash a paralyzing sonic scream with Insectosaurus, a 350-foot tall grub. All four characters use a combination of special skills, environmental objects, and quick time events to battle giant robots working at the behest of the evil Gallaxhar. Action-heavy sequences find gamers traveling through the streets of San Francisco, exploring a top-secret government containment facility, and eventually fighting through Gallaxhar's gigantic mothership. Monsters vs. Aliens also features a co-op mode that lets a second player join the action as Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., whose gadgets and brainpower help gamers reach hard-to-access areas.

Game Controls



Home Button = wii home menu


+ Button = pause, pause menu
Control Stick = moving direction, lean (when riding a rail)
A Button = jump
A Button + A Button = double jump
Follow On-Screen Prompts = feat of strength
B Button = dash attack
B Button + Wait for Green Aiming Circle + Follow On-Screen Prompts = chain dash (unlocked in dna lab)
Z Button = crouch
A Button + Control Stick = wall ride


+ Button = pause, pause menu
Control Stick = moving direction
Wii Remote or Control Stick = aiming, targeting
C Button or D-Pad = evasive maneuver
A Button = jump
A Button + A Button = double jump
Rotate Wii Remote = unfreeze
Z Button = grab
B Button = attack
B Button (Hold Then Release) + Wii Remote = leap attack
Swing Nunchuk Sideways = strong attack, tail spin
Swing Wii Remote Forward = throw (while holding an enemy)
Z Button + Follow Prompts On-Screen = turret ride
A Button + Z Button = jump tail spin
A Button + B Button = stomp attack
A Button + A Button + B Button = super stomp attack
Z Button + B Button = grab & punch


+ Button = pause, pause menu
Control Stick = moving direction
A Button = jump
Z Button = grab, release
B Button or Swing Wii Remote Forward = spit
C Button or Swing Nunchuk Sideways = head bash
Wii Remote = aiming, targeting in plasma turret mode
B Button = fire plasma balls when in plasma turret mode
A Button = use shield in turret mode
Rotate Wii Remote = free b.o.b. from grappling beam
- Button = zoom out when in a maze


+ Button = pause, pause menu
Wii Remote = aiming, targeting
A Button = activate laser or tractor beam, join game
Shake Wii Remote Sideways = cooling (when overheating)
D-Pad Up = toggle laser or tractor beam (unlocked in the dna lab)


Control Stick or Point Wii Remote = navigate menus
A Button = accept
B Button = go back to the previous menu