Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

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Following the heroic feat of four consecutive top-selling releases, it's not unusual for a rock star to reissue a selection of fan-favorite tracks on a single compilation album. Guitar Hero fans receive such a collection in Smash Hits. The game includes playable songs originally featured in the first four games in the series: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero II, and the original Guitar Hero. The collection comprises four dozen of the series' most popular and challenging pre-Guitar Hero: World Tour tracks, including :Deep Purple's &"Smoke on the Water" and &"I Love Rock 'n Roll" by :Joan Jet and the Blackhearts (Guitar Hero); &"Carry On Wayward Son" by :Kansas and :Alice in Chains' &"Them Bones" (Guitar Hero II); &"I Wanna Rock" by :Twisted Sister and &"Nothin' but a Good Time" by :Poison (Rocks the 80s); and &"Rock and Roll All Nite" by :Kiss and :Heart's &"Barracuda" (Legends of Rock). All 48 tracks are compatible with the game's full selection of contemporary Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments, including the drum kit and mic controllers, allowing a complete band of players to rock out on tunes previously only available to one or two guitarists. The Smash Hits edition of Guitar Hero also features the series' "Music Studio" song-mixing software, supports the "GHTunesSM" format for sharing songs with friends online, and includes the "Rock Star Creator" custom character designer.

Game Controls



D-Pad = navigates the menus
A Button = confirm, activates vocal star power
B Button = back, activates vocal star power
1 Button = rotate character view
2 Button = zoom character view
+ Button = pause


+ Button = confirm, pause
- Button or Tilt Guitar Up = activates star power or battle attacks
Strum Bar = navigates the menus, activate fret buttons
Green Fret Button = activates the green note, confirm
Red Fret Button = activates the red note, cancel
Yellow Fret Button = activates the yellow note
Blue Fret Button = activates the blue note
Orange Fret Button = activates the orange note
Whammy Bar = add own style to each song
Slider (Tap or Move) = simulate strumming, add own personal style to the music


+ Button = confirm, pause
- Button = cancel
Control Stick = navigate the menus
Green Drum Pad = activates the green note, confirm
Red Drum Pad = activates the red note, cancel
Blue Drum Pad = activates the blue note
Yellow Cymbal Pad = activates the yellow note
Orange Cymbal Pad = activates the orange note
Kick Pedal = activates the bass drum note
Yellow Cymbal Pad + Orange Cymbal Pad = activate star power


Tap Microphone = activate star power