The Conduit

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Created exclusively for Wii, The Conduit is a futuristic first-person shooter with fast-paced play through the modern urban and suburban environments of Washington, D.C. The single-player campaign puts gamers in the role of a government operative recruited into a last-ditch mission to save the country. Known by his codename, Mr. Ford, the hero of the game is a lone Secret Service agent in the midst of an attack from another world. The game's villains are not human -- although some of them once may have been, in another life. Alien have taken over the nation's capital, through subterfuge, infiltration, superior technology, and brute force. Single players uncover a terrible conspiracy as they make their way to the heart of the invasion. The Conduit also features online multiplayer for as many as 12 connected gamers, with deathmatch, team deathmatch, and various group objective and hunter-and-prey styled modes. The Wii Speak peripheral is supported for in-match communication. Lead characters are voiced by veteran sci-fi and fantasy actors +Mark A. Sheppard, +William Morgan Sheppard, and +Kevin Sorbo. The game's score is by :Diego Stocco, with additional guitar themes and ambient tracks written and performed by :Rick Nielsen of :Cheap Trick. The Conduit runs on the Quantum 3 game engine, developed by High Voltage Software.

Game Controls



Wii Remote Pointer = move reticule
D-Pad = select menu options
A Button = enter highlighted selection
B Button = go back


Control Stick = move player character
Wii Remote Pointer = move reticule, view surroundings
B Button = fire weapon
Flick Nunchuk = throw grenade
Thrust Wii Remote = melee attack
D-Pad Right = change weapons
D-Pad Left = change grenade type
D-Pad Up = spin 180°
D-Pad Down = scope, binocular view (zoom)
- Button = reload, pick up weapon
+ Button = equip ase
A Button = jump, interact
C Button = crouch
Z Button (Hold) = target lock
2 Button = pause menu
1 Button = multiplayer scoreboard