Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is a third-person action-adventure game of daredevil leaps, death-defying rides, and ancient puzzles, and occasional fisticuffs with local ruffians and villainous henchmen. In an original story created for the game by LucasArts, Indy seeks to recover the Staff of Moses before it falls into the hands of a never-before-seen adversary named Magnus Voller. With stages set in Sudan, San Francisco, Panama, Istanbul, and Nepal, the globetrotting adventure begins as the world goes to war in 1939. In the DS edition of the game, the stylus and touch screen are used for movement, puzzle-solving, and fighting.

Game Controls


Start Button = display menu screen, view tutorials
D-Pad = navigate menus, move, block (combat mode)
Touch Screen = navigate menus, move, jump, punch, use whip, use gun, perform action
L or R Button = combat mode
L Button + R Button = block
X or Y Button = move, block (combat mode)
A Button = confirm, move, block (combat mode)
B Button = cancel, move, block (combat mode)