Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

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With a new emphasis on online tournaments and real-time tracking, the biggest name in golf returns for another season of virtual chipping, putting, and driving in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Players can hit the links on 16 different real-world courses, including the newly added Turnberry (site of the 2009 British Open), Bethpage Black (site of the 2009 U.S. Open), Oakmont, Hazeltine, and Torrey Pines. The inclusion of Bethpage Black marks the first time in franchise history that gamers get to tackle the notoriously difficult U.S. Open tournament, and dynamic crowds, scoreboards, and weather effects are designed to provide the game with a realistic sense of dramatic intensity. A new putting system forces players to sharpen their short game by allowing them to carry only a single, fixed-length putter in their bag, but the new "Practice" mode helps virtual golfers refine every aspect of their swing. Online tournaments come in three different varieties, with two of the modes challenging players to post the best possible score to online leaderboards. The "Daily" tournaments find gamers competing in single-round competitions with a 24-hour window, while the "Weekly" tournaments challenge players to post the best four-round score they can over a seven-day span. The "Play the Pros" option lets gamers golf against professionals who are competing in real-life tournaments, so players can go shot for shot with Tiger Woods in real-time. The "Daily" and "Weekly" modes offer four separate difficulty levels to prevent experts from ruining a tournament full of novices, and EA Tiburon has included a number of potential tiebreakers, such as fairway hits and greens in regulation, to help sort out the inevitable stalemates.

Game Controls



L2 or R2 Button = switch clubs
D-Pad = adjust target circle
Circle Button + D-Pad = adjust target circle while zoomed to target
Triangle Button = reset target circle
Circle Button + L1 or R1 Button = add draw or fade to your shot
Square Button = change shot type
Circle Button = zoom to target
Circle Button + Left or Right Analog Stick = rotate camera while zoomed to target
R1 Button = change camera angle
L1 Button or X Button (Tap Rapidly) = add power (during backswing)
L3 Button = practice swing
Start Button = pause menu


Left Analog Stick = shot stick
Right Analog Stick = loft stick
R3 Button = change to the 3-click swing (available in beginner and amateur difficulty only)


Triangle Button (Hold) = fast-forward shot
L1 or X Button (Tap Rapidly) + Left Analog Stick = add spin


Square Button = watch a replay (after completion of shot)
Circle Button = mulligan (if on)
R1 Button = usga ratings


D-Pad = move the aiming arrow
L1 Button = putt preview
L2 or R2 Button = change putter (short-distance/long-distance) (classic putting only)
Circle Button (Hold) = zoom to target circle
Triangle Button = reset target circle
Square Button = change shot type
R1 Button = change camera angle