Wagon Master

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Wagon Master, splendidly directed by John Ford, is a superlative western. The film is the outwardly simple tale of a Mormon wagon train headed for Utah. Along the way, the group, led by Elder Wiggs (Ward Bond) hook up with two horse traders Travis Blue (Ben Johnson) and Sandy Owens (Harry Carey Jr), the members of a traveling medicine show and a tribe of Navajo Indians. The group is threatened by a gang, known as the Clegg family, who have robbed an express office and murdered the clerk. This wonderful film emphasizes the virtues of solidarity, sacrifice and tolerance, and shows John Ford at his most masterful, in total control of the production from the casting to the bit players to the grandeur and scope of the visual compositions. The film, with its breathtaking scenery, brilliant performances by a cast of character actors, and an engaging sense of humor, is a superlative example of the American western. Wagonmaster inspired the television series Wagon Train and was also shown in a computer-colorized version ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Wagon Master
1. Prologue and Credits [2:58]
2. Horse-Trade Horseplay [3:12]
3. Elder's Gamble [5:23]
4. Wagons West [6:12]
5. Fellow Travelers [6:28]
6. Brawlers and Admirers [5:21]
7. River Yonder [5:26]
8. Chuckawalla Swing [3:40]
9. Come the Cleggs [3:56]
10. Ain't Likely to Look [3:12]
11. Quicksand and Other Fears [4:11]
12. Navajo compliments [4:45]
13. Subject to the Whip [4:24]
14. Travis Goes Courting [3:24]
15. Takeover [4:46]
16. Passing Posso [4:54]
17. When's Your Move? [3:41]
18. Path Across the Mesa [4:16]
19. Taking Care of Snakes [2:27]
20. Promised Land Medley [2:45]