The Beatles: Rock Band

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The Fab Four take center stage once more in this exclusive Rock Band spin-off. More than a compilation of songs from :the Beatles, the game re-creates the band's historic concerts, signature instruments, and changing appearances over the span of a 12-album career. Digital versions of :John, :Paul, :George, and :Ringo will not only perform at authentic venues, but also within dreamlike environments inspired by some of the band's more colorful songs. As with previous entries in the Rock Band franchise, the game involves playing songs by following onscreen cues with one of four peripherals: a microphone, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Vocals now offer three playable parts, a first for the series, including one lead and two harmonies. A built-in vocal trainer will help you get accustomed to singing each melody, as you are able to freely switch between all three parts with a press of a button. Three microphones are required to harmonize with your friends. Featured on the disc are 45 tracks, including &"Back in the U.S.S.R.," &"Here Comes the Sun," &"I Feel Fine," &"Taxman," &"Octopus' Garden," &"Get Back," &"Day Tripper," &"I Saw Her Standing There," &"I Am the Walrus," and &"I Want to Hold Your Hand." Downloadable content is also supported to expand the initial track list, with 1969's ^Abbey Road the first album scheduled for online distribution.

Game Controls



D-Pad Up or Down = highlight an option, highlight selection
A Button = open submenu, confirm
+ Button = pause game


Strum Bar Up or Down = navigate menus, hit notes
+ Button = pause game
Whammy Bar In or Out = increase energy meter
Yellow Fret Button = screen-specific functions
Red Fret Button = cancel selections
Green Fret Button = confirm selections
Tilt Guitar Up or - Button = go into beatlemania


Red Drum Pad = cancel selections
Yellow or Blue Drum Pad = navigate lists
Green Drum Pad = confirm selections
Kick Pedal = screen-specific functions