Smokie Norful

Live [Deluxe Edition]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. He's Gonna Come Through 4:56
  2. I Will Bless the Lord 6:07
  3. Justified 8:43
  4. Mighty God 6:10
  5. In the Presence of the King 7:02
  6. Dear God 5:37
  7. No One Else 6:12
  8. Jesus Is Love 6:41
  9. Don't Quit 7:07
  10. I've Been Delivered 6:32
  11. My Choice [Live][*][Version] 4:39
  12. My Choice [Live Version] [Version] 4:39
  13. Dear God [*][Version]
  14. Dear God [*][Version]
  15. Intro [DVD]
  16. He's Gonna Come Through [DVD]
  17. I Will Bless the Lord [DVD]
  18. Justified [DVD]
  19. Mighty God [DVD]
  20. My Choice [DVD]
  21. In the Presence of the King [DVD]
  22. Dear God [DVD]
  23. No One Else [DVD]
  24. Jesus Is Love [DVD]
  25. Don't Quit [DVD]
  26. I've Been Delivered [DVD]


The concert medium particularly suits an energetic gospel performer like Smokie Norful, as was apparent on his 2003 release Limited Edition, but this album really shows off his rapport with his audience. Norful's primary influences are the pop-soul music of '70s Stevie Wonder and '80s Lionel Richie (Richie's "Jesus Is Love" is performed here in a duet with Heather Headley), and like those singers he has an expressive tenor. He uses it in call and response choruses with a small gospel choir over dense, keyboard-dominated arrangements, repeating phrases praising God as he whips up the crowd. "God's gon' do it!," they intone over and over on the opening track, "He's Gonna Come Through," and similar sentiments pervade the rest of the album. Norful stays timely in his lyrics. "I thought we'd never see the White House, but I'm claimin' it!," he declares in "Justified," while acknowledging, "The economy's down," at the start of "Don't Quit." As those titles indicate, whether he is pleased or dismayed by the state of the nation, it's all fodder for the basically upbeat, inspirational message he has to convey. The recording shows signs of being edited, with several tracks fading out instead of ending in applause, which quells the excitement now and then. But Norful is in his natural element before an audience, and he shines on this disc. [Four and a half months after its initial release, the album was reissued in a deluxe edition adding two bonus tracks (a live version of "My Choice" and a studio take of "Dear God," in that order, not the reverse, as shown incorrectly on the back cover), plus a 92-minute DVD of the show. The extra time demonstrated that the edits on the CD trimmed some of Norful's preaching, which also served as introductions to the songs. The video showed that, while Norful might sound like Lionel Richie, he looked more like Cuba Gooding, Jr.] ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi

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