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The "Tall Man" and his strange little Killer Sphere return for a second round in this sequel to the 1979 cult favorite. Mike Pearson (James LeGros) is still plagued by memories of the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm), an evil mortician who has risen from the grave and bleeds embalming fluid -- and tried to kill him as a boy. Mike has been a patient in a mental institution for the last decade, insisting that the Tall Man is real; he still appears in his dreams ten years after their first encounter. When Mike changes his tune and says that the undead undertaker was merely a hallucination, he is finally released. However, Mike and his best friend, Reggie (Reggie Bannister), are actually out to find the Tall Man and put an end to his habits of grave-robbing and draining people's bodies with his flying brain-juicer. As they search for the Tall Man, Mike encounters Liz (Paula Irvine), a woman who has also appeared in his dreams, and she claims that she too has been pursued by the Tall Man. Phantasm II was followed by a third installment in 1994, and a fourth in 1998. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Phantasm II
1. The Tall Man [8:25]
2. Your Imagination [4:17]
3. Things To Do [7:18]
4. Burn In Hell [5:42]
5. In Danger [8:06]
6. Reanimated [3:45]
7. Beautiful Stranger [4:39]
8. Ghost Town [5:22]
9. God's Servant [1:39]
10. Hello & Goodbye [4:31]
11. Abducted [4:10]
12. Hot On The Heels [7:09]
13. Ashes To Ashes [5:18]
14. Flesh & Blood [4:22]
15. The Key [6:11]
16. Another World [4:01]
17. Only a Dream [5:10]
18. End Titles [2:34]