Project Runway

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Fashion-loving gamers get a chance to design stylish outfits, strut their stuff on the runway, and interact with celebrities in this video game treatment of the popular reality show Project Runway. As in the TV series, contestants are tasked with fulfilling a series of challenges to showcase their creativity and style, from designing themed outfits, to making dresses from nothing but newspaper. Players have a wide assortment of fabrics, materials, and accessories of all colors with which to work, and a model customization feature lets gamers create unique hairstyles, body features, and makeup schemes for their avatars. Project Runway supports the Wii Balance Board, so players can get the sensation of walking down the runway and facing critique from judges Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors, while gamers who want a less intensive experience can take part in single design challenges, runway photo shoots, and pose offs.