Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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The roguish fortune-hunter hero Nathan Drake returns in Among Thieves, a high-adventure follow-up to the original Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. In action, Drake employs a movie-set worthy of the most daring video game tomb raiders and relic hunters, with agile running and jumping, light hand-to-hand combat, and a noteworthy talent with small arms. These skills are put to use as the hero once again finds himself adventuring in the wilderness, facing a tricky location-based platform puzzles or vastly outnumbered by bands of violent, heartless bandits. The game runs on the developer's own engine. The character is designed to move with a smooth, realistic flow as he runs, sneaks, climbs, and fires his weapon from nearly any position -- behind makeshift cover, or even while hanging by his fingertips from high on a cliff face or treetop vine. The action shifts seamlessly from one scene to the next, with no loading screens. In this adventure, Drake seeks answers to the mystery of Marco Polo's lost fleet. Great riches and wisdom are tied to the fate of ships and treasure that left China with the famous explorer at the end of the 13th century, but did not arrive with him back home at his final destination. Although Marco Polo took the secrets of the lost ships and crew to his grave, Drake seeks answers on a journey through history, to the fabled Himalayan valley of Shangri-La. The key to the mystery may be a legendary sapphire, known as the "wish-fulfilling jewel." Magical properties or no, the billions of dollars the stone would be worth in modern markets should be enough to make nearly any wish come true. In addition to the main single-player story, the game features cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Among Thieves was developed by Naughty Dog, the studio that created the original Uncharted as well as other successful Sony-system exclusives.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick or D-Pad Up or Down = navigate menu, highlight menu item
Left Analog Stick or D-Pad Left or Right = adjust menu item
X Button = select highlighted menu item
Circle Button = previous screen, return to main menu


Left Analog Stick = walk, run
Right Analog Stick = camera rotate, pan
L1 Button (Hold) + L3 Button = switch shoulders while aiming
D-Pad Up = view hints (when prompted)
Triangle Button = interact, pick up
D-Pad Left or Right = weapon select
R2 Button = reload
Circle Button = take cover (when standing next to wall or object)
R1 Button = fire weapon, blind fire (when taking cover)
L1 Button (Hold) + Right Analog Stick = manual aim
R1 Button + Left Analog Stick = run & run
R3 Button = zoom (while in manual aim)
L2 Button = throw grenade
L2 Button (Hold) + Right Analog Stick = aim grenade
Square Button = hand-to-hand combat (when next to an enemy)
Triangle Button = react to enemy grapple
Square Button = finishing move (after enemy grapple)
Circle Button = roll (while moving in amy direction)
X Button = jump, climb, vault over wall
Circle Button = drop down, grab ledge (when standing over a ledge or hanging on ledge)
Left Analog Stick = swim
Select Button = access journal
Start Button = pause menu