NBA 2K10

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Following the top-rated simulation-style NBA game on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in previous years, the 2K Sports series expands to play its pro basketball on Wii and PSP with NBA 2K10. Across all platforms, the game retains the basic flow and feel of the 2K series' play style on the court, while refining league management features and adding new presentational elements intended to bring NBA authenticity. The series' Signature Play system builds on the player-specific styles featured in earlier games. New Signature Tendencies influence player decisions in the heat of the moment, and new facial expressions convey emotion while adding realism to the presentation. The 2K Sports "Association" franchise mode returns, offering almost complete control over trades across the league, and the ability to run real-time practices and assess how players work together as a team. NBA 2K10 also provides new defensive controls, which allow gamers to take charge of pressure, off-ball positioning, and shot blocks. For gamers who prefer to see themselves as the heroes of the hardwood, an enhanced "My Player" mode allows the custom creation of an NBA superstar-to-be, who can begin in summer training camps and try to earn a starting position on a favorite pro team -- with patience, hard work, and skills. Released in autumn 2009, NBA 2K10 represents the tenth season of the basketball series, with developer Visual Concepts creating the Dreamcast-exclusive original NBA 2K a decade earlier.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = navigate menus
X Button = select option



Left Analog Stick = move player
D-Pad = coaching, plays
L1 Button = postup
L2 Button = dual player
R1 Button = aggressive, turbo
R2 Button = icon switch
Square Button = shoot
Triangle Button = hopstep
X Button = pass
Circle Button = lead pass
Right Analog Stick = shot stick
R3 Button = call for pick
Start Button = pause
Select Button = timeout


Left Analog Stick = move player
D-Pad = playset
L1 Button = box out
L2 Button = intentional foul
R1 Button = sprint
R2 Button = icon switch
Square Button = double team
Triangle Button = block
X Button = player swap
Circle Button = take charge
Right Analog Stick = strip & rip
Start Button = pause