Max Payne 3

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The series that introduced "bullet-time" gunplay for dramatic and artful slow-motion shooting sequences returns after a seven-year hiatus with Max Payne 3. The gritty and vengeful protagonist, whose family was viciously murdered by drug addicts, has left his role as a New York City detective to start a clean slate in another country: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yet Payne cannot escape the violence that has tragically shaped his character. Twelve years after the events from the second game, Payne finds himself victim of a double cross. An older, wearier Payne must once again rely on his primal instincts to find a way out of his quandary. The action takes place from a third-person perspective as Payne utilizes an assortment of weapons to mete out his distinctive brand of justice. For the first time in the series, Max Payne 3 includes a multiplayer component that has players earning experience, acquiring skills, and completing objectives in a sequence of events. Players will choose a faction and then battle the opposing team, using bullet-time and slow-motion dodges to gain a tactical edge on the competition. Objectives range from collecting duffel bags of money to disarming bombs to conquering territory.

Game Controls


L2 Button = shoulder aim
Hold L1 Button = weapon wheel
R2 Button = fire/melee
R1 Button = shootdodge
Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = camera
Tap L2 Button = crouch
Hold L3 Button = prone
R3 Button = bullet time
Triangle Button = pick up weapon/interact/melee
Circle Button = reload
X Button = climb/vault
Hold X Button = sprint
Double Tap X Button = roll
Square Button = enter/exit cover
D-Pad Up = use painkillers
D-Pad Down = quick 180°/drop weapon
D-Pad Left = set camera left
D-Pad Right = set camera right
Select Button = weapon attachments
Start Button = pause


Tap L1 Button = grenade
R3 Button = trigger burst
Triangle Button = taunt
Hold Button = loot
Select Button = leaderboard