The Clique: Diss and Make Up

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Based on -The Clique novel series written for between-age girls, Diss and Make Up is a light role-playing social adventure, heavy on gossip and melodrama, set in the private Octavian Country Day (OCD) school for girls. Players take the role of the new girl at school, similar to Claire Lyons in Lisi Harrison's first -Clique novel, but can customize their character's clothing, shoes, hairstyle, and her name. The ultimate goal of the game is to rise from an unknown nobody to the "queen bee" of the class -- a position currently held by Massie Block, the self-proclaimed leader of the unofficial "Pretty Committee" clique of popular girls at OCD. To gain influence and standing, the player's character will need to stay sharp, both in the clothes she wears and in her interactions with other students. Characters can pick up a part-time "jobby" to earn money for the latest fashions, and must strategically trade gossip with both friends and rivals in order to keep themselves current with the latest information. Touch-screen controlled mini-games allow players to build up additional social points, by solving puzzles and action-oriented challenges. The Clique: Diss and Make Up players can also swap OCD stories with real friends in the real world, by sharing their custom characters through a DS wireless connection.

Game Controls



L or R Button = display current chapter's clique status meter
Start Button = enter pause menu
Touch Screen = move character, interact, select item