Sonny With a Chance

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Based on the Disney Channel show about a young Midwestern girl who joins a hit TV sketch comedy, Sonny With a Chance lets player help five cast members compete for the most fan mail in a series of board and mini-games. Gamers can join Sonny, Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Zora as they take on five show-inspired board games full of random events, power-ups, and gag items, while more than 40 mini-games let players dance, solve puzzles, get in food fights, and engage in other activities befitting the So Random name. Sonny With a Chance lets gamers customize their character with outfits from the fictional sketch show and includes access to Disney's "DGamer" online community, while DSi owners get a handful of exclusive mini-games.

Game Controls


Stylus = select
A Button = accept
B Button = cancel


Stylus = tap, drag, select
D-Pad = move
A, B, X or Y Button = action
Start Button = pause