Madden NFL 11

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Madden NFL 11 is the 22nd annual production of video gaming's longest-running and best-selling sports series. With a number of refined features, the 2010-released game aims to make play more accessible and efficient, without sacrificing the depth and flexibility valued by hardcore gridiron strategists. The new "GameFlow" system puts gamers in the position of the quarterback, suggesting suitable play-calls that can be quickly selected through a streamlined interface. By making it easier for gamers to immediately locate and select the most commonly called plays in each situation, the system can reduce the real time a full four quarters of football takes. Madden NFL's extensive selection of play calls and variations remain in the game, however, and virtual coaches still have the option to pull up over 350 pre-designed plays, or to create their own. Following a trend in recent Madden games and other EA Sports titles, the default control schemes in NFL 11 rely more heavily on the two analog sticks, encouraging players to intuitively direct their onscreen athletes by moving the sticks in different directions, instead of requiring mastery of multiple complicated button-press sequences. Gamers new to the series can also benefit from the new "Coaching Tips" system, which can be set to pause the game to highlight important concepts and offer immediately applicable advice. As do earlier editions of the game, Madden NFL 11 features all the contemporary arenas, teams, and players of the real-life league, including cover-athlete Drew Brees, quarterback and MVP of the Super Bowl 44-winning New Orleans Saints. The voices of Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth provide play-by-play and color commentary.

Game Controls




Left Analog Stick or D-Pad = move your player
R2 Button = receiver cam (at the line of scrimmage)
R2 Button + Right Analog Stick (In Any Direction) = coach's cam
Square Button + Square Button + X Button = call an audible (before the snap)
Circle Button = cancel audible (before selecting a play)
Select Button = call timeout
Start Button = pause game



X Button = snap ball
Right Analog Stick Left or Right = switch direction of a running play
D-Pad Up + Receiver Button + Right Analog Stick or D-Pad = call a hot route
Circle Button + Left Analog Stick or D-Pad Left or Right = send a player in motion
L3 Button = quiet crowd
R1 Button = fake snap


Square Button (Tap) = qb dive
Square Button (Hold) = qb slide
Triangle Button = jump, hurdle
R1 Button = protect ball
Circle Button = spin
X Button = stiff arm
L2 Button = pitch ball


Right Analog Stick Up = lean forward
Right Analog Stick Up Then Left or Up Then Right = lean away from contact
Right Analog Stick Down = high step
Right Analog Stick Left or Right = juke
Rotate Right Analog Stick 360° = spin move


Square, X, Circle, Triangle or L1 Button (Tap) = lob pass
Square, X, Circle, Triangle or L1 Button (Hold) = bullet pass
Left Analog Stick or D-Pad = lead the receiver
R3 Button = throw ball away
R1 Button = pump fake
R2 Button (Hold) = qb scramble (behind the line of scrimmage)
Triangle Button = catch the ball
Square Button = diving catch


Circle Button (Hold) = spike ball (to stop the clock)
Triangle Button = no huddle, hurry-up offense
Triangle Button (Hold) = repeat previous play
Square Button = ea sports rewind (if enabled)



Circle or X Button (Tap) or Circle or X Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick or D-Pad = choose a player to control
D-Left + D-Pad Up = spread the defensive ends outside the tackles
D-Pad Left + D-Pad Down = move the line in tight between the tackles
D-Pad Left + D-Pad Left or Right = shift the line left or right
D-Pad Left + Right Analog Stick Up = pass coverage
D-Pad Left + Right Analog Stick Down = crash middle
D-Pad + Right Analog Stick Left or Right = crash left or right
Square Button + Square Button + L2 Button = reset
D-Pad Right + D-Pad Up = spread out linebackers
D-Pad Right + D-Pad Down = move in tight
D-Pad Right + D-Pad Left or Right = shift left or right
D-Pad Up + D-Pad Down or Up = put dbs into press or loose coverage
D-Pad Up + D-Pad Left = show blitz
D-Pad Up + D-Pad Right = shift safeties and linebackers into better positions to cover their assigned man
D-Pad Up + Right Analog Stick Left, Right, Up or Down = shift safety coverage left, right, out or middle
D-Pad Down + D-Pad Up = move to a hook zone
D-Pad Down + D-Pad Down = blitz
D-Pad Down + D-Pad Left = move to flat zone
D-Pad Down + D-Pad Right = curl to flat
D-Pad Down + Right Analog Stick Up = put players into deep zone
D-Pad Down + Right Analog Stick Down = move to man coverage
D-Pad Down + Right Analog Stick Left or Right = move to qb spy or contain
Square Button + Square Button + X Button = audible
L2 Button = show player play art
R2 Button = show play art
L3 Button = pump up crowd


Triangle Button = hands up, bat
Circle Button = switch player
Right Analog Stick Down = power move
Right Analog Stick Left or Right = finesse move


Triangle Button = jump
Square Button = dive
X Button = defensive assist
Circle Button = switch player
L1 Button = strip ball
L2 Button = strafe


Triangle Button = fair catch


L2 Button = strafe facing the ball (wr/te/hb)
X Button = call for ball (wr/te/hb)
L2 Button = strafe facing away from ball (blocker)
Right Analog Stick Up = press coverage pre-snap (defense)
Right Analog Stick Up = power move (defense) (while engaged in a block)