Green Day: Rock Band

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The influential punk-pop rock band :Green Day goes interactive, with a dedicated release in MTV Games' successful play-along franchise. The game features the band's three core members, :Billie Joe Armstrong, :Mike Dirnt, and :Tré Cool, in virtual form, on stage at various venues important to the trio's storied career history. As in earlier editions of Rock Band, players can jam with the instrument of their choice, and the Green Day edition supports three-part vocal harmonies specific to the band's music. There are 47 playable :Green Day songs on the disc, including &"American Idiot," &"Brain Stew/Jaded," &"Boulevard of Broken Dreams," &"Hitchin' a Ride," and &"Wake Me Up When September Ends."

Game Controls



R1 Button = screen specific function
Start Button = pause game
Circle Button = cancel
X Button = confirm
D-Pad or Left Analog Stick = navigate menus


X Button = adjust microphone volume
Square Button = adjust microphone 1's sensitivity
Triangle Button = adjust microphone 2's sensitivity
Circle Button = adjust microphone 3's sensitivity
Start Button = pause game


Strum Up or Down = navigate menus, hit notes in-game
Start Button = pause game
5-Way Switch Button = choose between wah-wah, flanger, echo, chorus or none
Whammy Bar In or Out = bend sound of note
Yellow Fret Button = screen specific functions
Green Fret Button = confirm selections
Red Fret Buttin = cancel selections
Tilt Guitar Up or Select Button = overdrive


Red Drum Pad = cancel
Yellow or Blue Drum Pad = navigate the lists
Green Drum Pad = confirm selections
Start Button = pause game
Kick Pedal = screen-specific functions