Letters to Juliet

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An American girl discovers a love letter that changes her life in this romantic comedy starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave. The setting is Verona, Italy -- the city where Romeo and Juliet first met. In Verona, there's a wall where the lovelorn leave notes, hoping that Juliet will answer their inquiries about love. Sophie (Seyfried) is part of a team of volunteers who respond to the letters. When Sophie answers a letter from 1957, the woman who wrote it (Redgrave) decides to seek out the one that got away, and romance starts to blossom all around. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Letters To Juliet
1. Fact Checker [6:26]
2. My Sweet Sophia [4:02]
3. The Secretaries of Juliet [7:39]
4. The Most Amazing Day [8:06]
5. She's Come To Find Her Lorenzo [4:19]
6. A Story Worth Telling [3:18]
7. The First Lorenzo [6:34]
8. Life Is The Messy Bits [5:59]
9. I Have A Good Feeling About This [6:05]
10. Do You Believe In Destiny? [5:14]
11. One Of The Great Joys In Life [4:10]
12. Charlie's Apology [1:22]
13. Carpazo Wine [4:16]
14. Don't Wait 50 Years Like I Did [7:29]
15. Going To Be Published [6:11]
16. The Wedding Ceremony [6:22]
17. What If [3:44]
18. Made For Each Other [3:38]