DJ Hero 2

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Activision's turntable-twitching rhythm game returns with 83 unique remixes and mashups from such artists as :Eminem, :Lil' Wayne, :Rihanna, :Kanye West, and :Missy Elliot. As before, players will use a turntable peripheral to scratch, crossfade, and match beats to original works from real-life disc jockeys. A revamped career mode has you trying to lead your unknown DJ on a performance-filled path to become the powerful head of an entertainment empire. New multiplayer modes include "DJ Battles," which offers head-to-head competition with exclusive battle mixes, and "Party Play," which adds microphone support for would-be rappers to bust rhymes while jumping in and out of the game with other partygoers. Playable characters include :David Guetta, :Tiesto, :RZA, :DJ Obert, and :Deadmau5. DJ Hero 2 is available in three packages: a standalone game for owners of the first title, a bundle with the turntable peripheral, and a special "party" bundle with two turntables and a microphone.

Game Controls



Start Button = pause
Select Button = access advanced setlist options
D-Pad = navigate the menus, toggle options
Platter = scratch forwards or backwards, navigate menus
Spin Platter = rewind
Green Platter Button = confirm, activate or scratch green stream
Red Platter Button = back, activate red stream, freestyle sample
Blue Platter Button = activate or scratch blue stream, add mixes to setlist
Effects Dial = manipulate effects zones, scroll menus
Crossfade Slider = crossfade blue or green platter, toggle optiona
Euphoria Button = activate euphoria, like mixes in quickplay list
Euphoria Button (Hold) = activate auto-play