NBA 2K11

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Retired NBA superstar Michael Jordan headlines this installment of Take Two's top-selling basketball series, which features an exclusive "Jordan Challenge" mode. Players will slide into the pricey sneakers of His Airness as they attempt to duplicate Jordan's efforts in ten legendary games. Featured events include 1990's 69-point outburst against the Cavaliers, Game 6 of the 1997 finals, and Jordan's final game with the Chicago Bulls. Once all ten scenarios are completed, Jordan will then become a playable athlete in the main game -- as a rookie -- in a new mode called "Creating a Legend." You'll "be like Mike" as he begins a new career in the current NBA, gradually aging over the course of multiple seasons until his eventual retirement. In addition to prominently featuring Michael Jordan, NBA 2K11 also features a number of presentation and gameplay tweaks. The animation is designed to be more dynamic in this installment, allowing you to interrupt motions at will for more fluid control. New dribbling and passing schemes are present, and team management options can be changed on the fly. Returning to the game are the same modes found in NBA 2K10, including online support for dynasty and league play.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = move player
Right Analog Stick = shot stick
X Button = pass
X Button = touch pas (after pass, but before catch)
Circle Button = fake pass
Square Button (Tap) = pump fake
Square Button = shoot
Triangle Button = hopstep
Triangle Button = rebound (when ball is in air)
L2 Button = dribble, shot modifier
R2 Button = touch pass
L1 Button = fake pass
R1 Button = icon pass
Start Button = pause


L1 Button (Tap) = positional playcall
L1 Button + Right Analog Stick = send teammate on cut
L1 Button (Hold and Relase) = pick control
L1 Button (Tap) + Player Icon (Hold) = icon pick control
L2 Button + Circle Button = alley-oop
L2 Button + Circle Button = off-glass alley-oop (with trailing teammate)
L2 Button + X Button = give and go
L2 Button + X Button = rolling inbound (during baseline inbounds)
R2 Button + Square Button = putback dunk, layup
Triangle Button = hop, signature gather (from a stand dribble)
Left Analog Stick (Away From Basket) + Triangle Button = hopstep back
Triangle Button = normal hopstep (while dribbling toward basket) (between close and mid-range)
Triangle Button = lateral hopstep (while dribbling across basket)
R2 Button + Triangle Button = hopstep spin (while dribbling toward basket) (between close and mid-range)
R1 Button (Tap or Hold) + Right Analog Stick = pass stick
R1 Button (Tap) + Player Icon Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick + Player Icon Button (Release) = total control passing
L1 Button (Tap) + Player Icon Button + R1 Button (Tap) = off-ball player lock



Left Analog Stick = move player
Lift Motion Controller Up Then Move Motion Controller Down = shoot
X Button = pump fake (while shooting)
Left Analog Stick + Move Button = pass
L2 Button (Hold) + Wave Motion Controller Left or Right = dribble
T Button (Hold) = turbo
Triangle Button = hopstep
L2 Button (Hold) + T Button + Move Button = alley-oop
Triangle Button (Hold) = hands up
Move Button = swap players
Circle Button (Hold) = take charge
Lift Motion Controller Up = block shot, rebound
Square Button or Swipe Motion Controller Left or Right = steal