Earth, Wind & Fire

Spirit [Bonus Tracks]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Getaway 3:45
  2. On Your Face 4:33
  3. Imagination 5:16
  4. Spirit 3:12
  5. Saturday Nite 4:02
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire 4:41
  7. Departure :28
  8. Biyo 3:38
  9. Burnin' Bush 6:46
  10. Saturday Nite [Alternate Mix] 4:54
  11. Seraphim 2:07
  12. Imagination [Angels Mix] 1:03
  13. Departure (The Traveler) 3:37
  14. African Symphony 1:52


With That's the Way of the World having enjoyed multi-platinum success, Earth, Wind Fire had a lot to live up to when the time came for another studio project. And the soul powerhouse didn't let anyone down (either commercially or creatively) on the outstanding Spirit, which boasted hits ranging from the optimistic "On Your Face" and the passionate funk classic "Getaway" to the poetic ballad "Imagination." Philip Bailey is as charismatic as ever on "Imagination" and the gorgeous title song. Maurice White's message and vision (an interesting blend of Afro-American Christianity and Eastern philosophy) was as positive and uplifting as ever, and as always, EWF expressed this positivity without being Pollyanna-ish or corny. And even if one didn't take EWF's calls for unity, hard work, self-respect, and faith in God to heart, they had no problem with their solid grooves. [The 2001 CD reissue adds five previously unreleased bonus tracks, including an alternate mix of "Saturday Nite," an "Angels Mix" of "Imagination," "Departure (The Traveler)," and two songs that did not appear on the original album in an alternate form.] ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi