Lil' Treasure Hunters

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Nine year old adventurer Molly takes her friends on the adventure of a lifetime in search of the treasure that could save her family. Growing up, Molly used to listen attentively as her mother told her of a hidden treasure along the local riverbank. But now Molly's mom is gone, leaving the lonely young girl and her father to care for her sickly grandfather Pappy. And lately Cappy's medical bills have been adding up, to the point where Molly's dad has considered selling the family home just to stay financially afloat. Her memories drifting back to the stories of high adventure and untold riches, Molly rounds up a group of her most loyal friends and vows to find the treasure that will save her family. Now, the deeper the Lil' River Rats drift into the wilderness, the more they begin to wonder whether the tales of treasure were actually true, or just an imaginative story for a restless child. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Lil' Treasure Hunters
1. Picnic Prankster [6:10]
2. Faith, Truth, Courage [5:22]
3. Water War [3:40]
4. Evil's Evil Twin [3:07]
5. Take the Journey [4:35]
6. The Legend [5:37]
7. Setting Out [5:54]
8. Mission Gasoline [5:43]
9. Followed [5:33]
10. On the River [6:03]
11. Witch Named Bert [6:00]
12. Beans and Bears [6:41]
13. Over the Dam [3:25]
14. Medallion Map [5:16]
15. The Treasure [11:37]