Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Sith apprentice Starkiller is very much alive -- as a clone -- in this follow-up to the best-selling Force Unleashed. Continuing the events chronicled in 2008's game, Force Unleashed II has the embittered antihero on a quest to reunite with Juno Eclipse, who is now a key asset to the Rebel Alliance in its quest to dismantle the Galactic Empire. Yet Starkiller's former master, Darth Vader, has other designs, seeking the powerful protagonist to further his plans for overthrowing the Emperor. Gameplay once again takes place from a third-person perspective, with Starkiller using a combination of Force powers and lightsaber techniques to defeat foes across multiple environments. Starkiller's improved skills allow him to wield two lightsabers simultaneously and perform new Force techniques, such as the "mind trick," which turns enemies into allies. A revamped control scheme has you tapping a button on the Wii Remote to perform lightsaber attacks, while the Nunchuk is used to block or initiate Force powers. An enhanced targeting system allows for more precise control, and a new fury state has Starkiller temporarily increasing his ability to cause destruction and mayhem. Players can collect lightsaber crystals as in the first game, adding new powers, combos, and techniques to their character as they progress. The Wii version also adds a Super Smash Bros.-inspired multiplayer mode supporting up to four combatants. Travel to familiar and new worlds as you attempt to elude Darth Vader's pursuit and connect with individuals from Starkiller's past.

Game Controls



D-Pad = selection menu options
A Button = accept selection
B Button = return to previous screen


Control Stick = move character
A Button = lightsaber attack
Rotate Wii Remote Sideways = block
B Button = jump, double jump
Shake Wii Remote = lightsaber special
Shake Nunchuk = force push
C Button (Hold) + Point Wii Remote + Flick Wii Remote = force grip
Z Button (Hold) + Shake Nunchuk Rapidly = force lightning
Z Button (Hold) + Shake Wii Remote = saber throw
D-Pad Down = force dash
D-Pad Up = force sight
D-Pad Right = force rage (when rage meter is full)
D-Pad Left = mind trick
Z Button (Hold) + A Button = force repulse
Shake Controllers Rapidly = recovery attack (when knocked down)
C Button (Tap) = center camera
+ or - Button = rotate camera left or right
1 or 2 Button = pause game, game options



Control Stick = navigate menus


Control Stick = move character
A Button = primary attack
Shake Nunchuk = secondary ability
C Button (Hold Then Release) = special ability
Z Button = block
B Button = jump, double jump
D-Pad Down = force dash
D-Pad Up = taunt
A Button = recovery attack (after knockdown)
1 or 2 Button = pause game, game options