Greatest Hits... So Far!!! [CD/DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Get the Party Started 3:11
  2. There You Go 3:26
  3. Don't Let Me Get Me 3:31
  4. Just Like a Pill 3:57
  5. Family Portrait 4:56
  6. Trouble 3:12
  7. Stupid Girls 3:16
  8. Who Knew 3:28
  9. U + Ur Hand 3:34
  10. Dear Mr. President 4:33
  11. So What 3:35
  12. Sober 4:11
  13. Please Don't Leave Me 3:51
  14. Funhouse 3:25
  15. I Don't Believe You 4:35
  16. Glitter In the Air 3:47
  17. Raise Your Glass 3:23
  18. F**kin' Perfect 3:30
  19. There You Go 3:47
  20. Most Girls 4:31
  21. Just Like a Pill 3:58
  22. Get the Party Started 3:21
  23. Don't Let Me Get Me 3:30
  24. Family Portrait 3:48
  25. Stupid Girls 3:27
  26. Who Knew 3:31
  27. U + Ur Hand 3:34
  28. Dear Mr. President [Live] 4:36
  29. So What 3:36
  30. Sober 4:23
  31. Please Don't Leave Me 3:55
  32. Funhouse 3:09
  33. I Don't Believe You 4:00
  34. Glitter In the Air [Live] 5:14
  35. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) 4:00
  36. Please Don't Leave Me 4:00
  37. Funhouse 4:00
  38. Behind the Scenes of the Funhouse Video 4:00
  39. Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Hits...So Far!!! Photoshoot 3:00


Initially positioned as a white-girl RB singer in the vein of TLC, P!nk quickly turned into something more distinctive, embracing rock roll and confessionals in equal measure on her second album, 2001’s M!ssundaztood. “Get the Party Started” provided her breakthrough, its hedonism balanced by its raw-nerve sequel “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” and from there she racked up a decade’s worth of hits, bouncing between these two extremes. Released in 2010, Greatest Hits…So Far!!! rounds up the great majority of these hits, bypassing some singles -- her debut “Most Girls” and “You Make Me Sick,” “God Is a DJ,” “Funhouse” and, most regrettably, “Feel Good Time,” her Beck/William Orbit-written entry for the Charlie's Angels II: Full Throttle soundtrack -- but hitting all the blockbusters (“There You Go,” “Just Like a Pill,” “Trouble,” “Stupid Girls,” “U + Ur Hand,” “So What,” “Please Don’t Leave Me”) while adding two new entries to her canon: the rabble-rousing “Raise Your Glass” and the profane love letter “Fkin' Perfect.” Both new entries are fine, even if they border ever so slightly on the conventional, but the real story of Greatest Hits…So Far!!! is naturally the well-known hits that remain smart, addictive pop even after innumerable plays. [A CD/DVD version was also released.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi