Magic Christian Music

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Track Listing

  1. Come and Get It
  2. Crimson Ship
  3. Dear Angie
  4. Fisherman [1969 Remix] [Version]
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Beautiful and Blue
  7. Rock of All Ages
  8. Carry on Till Tomorrow
  9. I'm in Love
  10. Walk Out in the Rain
  11. Angelique
  12. Knocking Down Our Home
  13. Give It a Try
  14. Maybe Tomorrow
  15. And Her Daddy's a Millionaire [Alternative Version] [Alternate Take]
  16. Mrs. Jones [Remix]
  17. Sali Bloo [Mono Mix]
  18. See-Saw Granpa [Mono Mix]
  19. I've Been Waiting [Unedited Remix]