Rock Band 3

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Rock Band's beat goes on with this third installment in Harmonix' music rhythm series, featuring an 83-song set list, support for a new instrument peripheral, and access to a downloadable music library spanning close to two thousand songs at the time of its release. Perhaps the biggest surprise with this version is a new "Rock Band Pro" difficulty level that lets you play supported peripherals as you would a real instrument. In addition to microphones, drums, and guitars, a new wireless keyboard controller is available to expand your band, and the three-part vocal harmonies introduced with The Beatles: Rock Band are included as well. Up to seven players can join in the fun with a variety of drop-in and drop-out party modes. Solo players will embark on a career mode supporting more than 700 goals and rewards, with each game type offering social networking tools for Facebook, Twitter, and similar programs to keep your friends and family members updated on your progress. As in Rock Band 2, you can customize your on-screen alter ego with a variety of clothing, accessory, and equipment options. To help you manage your music library, Rock Band 3 lets you create and save custom set lists to share with others. You can also sort music via filters or find similar songs with the built-in recommendation system. Featured artists in this version of the game include :the Doors, :Slipknot, :Smash Mouth, :Jimi Hendrix, :Ozzy Osbourne, :Huey Lewis and the News, :Queen, :Joan Jett, :Dio, :Nightranger, :the Cure, :Metric, :Phoenix, and more. Rock Band 3 for Wii is available as a standalone purchase or as a bundle with the keyboard peripheral. It should be noted that while earlier guitars will work with Rock Band 3, the "Rock Band Pro" setting requires a six-string model designed specifically for the game. Existing drum controllers will also need three expansion cymbals to participate in the professional mode, but the keyboard controller can be enjoyed in all modes without any additional items.

Game Controls



D-Pad Up or Down = highlight an option, highlight selection
A Button = open submenu, confirm selection


+ Button = pause game


Strum Bar Up or Down = navigate menus, hit notes in-game
+ Button = pause game
5-Way Switch Button = choose between wah-wah, flanger, echo, chorus or none
Whammy Bar In or Out = add your own style
Tilt Guitar Up = overdrive


Tilt Guitar Up = overdrive


Red Drum Pad = cancel selections
Yellow or Blue Drum Pad = navigate lists
Green Drum Pad = confirm selections
Kick Pedal = screen-specific functions