Class Actress

Journal of Ardency

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Timeless synth pop from any age relies on computer music that's cold and a performing personality that's warm, whether it's Talk Talk in the '80s, Ladytron in the '90s, or Junior Boys in the 2000s, and Class Actress demonstrate the same balance of woman and machine. Their six-track EP Journal of Ardency has all but the roughest musical textures of computer pop, but when overlaid with singer Elizabeth Harper's enchanting vocals and intricate songwriting, it hits an emotional peak that most acoustic folk has never reached. The production comes mostly from bandmember Mark Richardson, although the highlight, "Adolescent Heart," was recorded by Jorge Elbrecht. On it, Harper reveals her sweetest vocal, even when she's singing a lyric like "Oh, is it real or just something I said/Another blow to the head, but at least I feel your hand." ~ John Bush, Rovi