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A genetically altered super-weapon embarks on a nightmare rampage of chaos and carnage in this campy tale of terror in the water from legendary producer Roger Corman. "S-11" was created to be the most powerful weapon in the U.S. Navy's arsenal. A horrifying hybrid of shark and octopus, it strikes with lightning speed, and incredible precision. But all hell breaks loose when the creature's creator, Genetic Scientist Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) follows orders to stage an impromptu demonstration for his government contact, and the control device that controls the leviathan is irreparably damaged. Now free to swim the ocean and attack at will, "S-11" makes way for Puerto Vallarta and decides to turn the tables on the local sea-food lovers. With no time to lose as the uncontrollable abomination emerges from the sea to feast on terrified beachcombers, Nathan's brilliant daughter Nicole (Sara Malakul Lane) enlists the help of a hard-drinking mercenary, a fearless investigative reporter, and her easily-rattled cameraman to destroy the most powerful weapon in the history of modern warfare. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Sharktopus
1. Main Titles [1:38]
2. S-11 Has Escaped [6:38]
3. A Minor Setback [4:58]
4. Puerto Vallarta [7:53]
5. 8-Armed and Dangerous [11:07]
6. Deep Sea Hunting [10:39]
7. Blue Water, White Death [7:53]
8. "Sharktopus Wants Our Virgins" [5:17]
9. Terror From the Depths [6:03]
10. Creation Versus Creator [13:41]
11. Final Showdown [10:32]
12. End Credits [2:36]